Thousands Donated. Thousands More Were Saved.

Thank Your for Donating Convalescent Plasma

We made an urgent call and you were there to help. Thanks to your participation in our convalescent plasma donation program, thousands of lives in our community and throughout the country were saved. By you rolling up your sleeve and answering our call, we were able to achieve a sufficient inventory of convalescent plasma.

But we still need your help.

There is a continuous need for platelets – and that need is growing. Platelets are critical in the treatment of cancer patients, trauma victims, surgical patients and certain blood disorders. Thousands of patients right here in our community, ranging from newborn babies to seniors, require platelets to aid in the clotting process. Platelets can only be kept and used within just five days – and one serious trauma or illness can deplete a hospital’s entire supply.

Your Platelet Donation Will Make A Lifesaving Difference.

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