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SunCoast Scholarship Program

SunCoast Blood Centers is committed to cultivating the next generation of blood donors and high school student supporters through our Scholarship Program.

Fact: 3 donations or 30 hours of volunteering at SCBC your senior year makes you eligible to apply for our scholarship.

Student Eligibility Requirements:

A student must demonstrate support of the school blood drive program by doing one or more of the following:

  • Donate a minimum of three units of blood and/or volunteer for SCBC a minimum of 30 hours during their senior year. (Note: donation of a double unit of blood counts as 2 donations and the student must wait 112 days between double unit donations.) 
  • Applicants must graduate during the current scholarship cycle.


Selection Process

Students must submit a completed application, which will be reviewed by a committee comprised of blood center employees, board of directors and community leaders.

Awards are based on:

  • Number of lifetime units and/or volunteer hours to SCBC.
  • Quality and content of essay answers on application.
  • Grades and teacher recommendations.

Applications can be submitted online, mailed or delivered to SunCoast Blood Centers, Attn: Scholarship Program, 3025 Lakewood Ranch Blvd., Suite 111, Bradenton, FL 34211. Note: Scholarships will be paid directly to the college, university or technical school the student will attend.

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High School Heroes
Information for Student Blood Donors

Did you know?

Local high school student donations account for 25% of our communities’ blood supply.

It’s true! As a high school student, your contribution will help save lives right here in our community. Blood donations are a great way for young adults to give back to the community. Simply review the materials below to begin!

Elementary Education
My Blood, Your Blood

SunCoast Blood Centers (SCBB), is pleased to offer the educational program “My Blood, Your Blood” (MBYB) to fifth grade students in Sarasota, Charlotte, Manatee and DeSoto counties. Presenters of the program are individuals who are specially trained to present the information.

About the Presentation

The “My Blood, Your Blood” program was developed by a national team of scientists, physicians and educators for presentation to fifth-grade students. It consists of a 27-minute video, handout materials and a short Q&A. The entire program can be presented as part of an after-school program, in one class period, or can be supplemented with additional material by the teachers for a more comprehensive program.

For questions and bookings, contact:

Joan M. Leonard
(941) 954-1600 ext. 150

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Informed consent - Blood Donation for 16-Year Olds

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