Types of Blood Donation

SunCoast Blood Centers provides donors with several methods of donating blood and blood products.

Whole Blood

When you make a whole blood donation, one unit of blood is drawn. Later, in our products manufacturing department, the unit is separated into several components, such as red cells, plasma, and platelets.

Double Red Cell

Red cells are needed by more patients than any other blood component. The double red cell procedure allows the blood bank to select just red cells from the blood. Two units of red cells are collected during the procedure. Everything else is returned to you along with additional fluids. This procedure allows you to double your impact with one visit. There are additional eligibility requirements to give a double red cell donation.

Platelet Pheresis

The platelet pheresis procedure selects out just platelets from your blood and returns everything else back to you along with additional fluids. Platelets help control bleeding and are used by many people such as cancer and transplant patients and burn victims.


Plasma is the liquid portion of the blood that carries clotting factors and proteins. Plasma is needed to treat burn victims, trauma patients and those battling severe liver disease and cancer. The donation process takes only a few minutes more than whole blood.
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