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Platelet - Bring a Friend

Would you spend two hours to save a life? 

Volunteer platelet donors do this everyday at SunCoast Blood Bank

When you donate platelets, you are giving someone a second chance at life

You may never meet them, but they, and those who love them will be grateful to you forever  

Platelets are one of the greatest gifts you can give, but they have a very have a very short shelf life of only five days. It is a constant balancing act to keep enough units on hospital shelves for the most vulnerable patients. Platelets are vital for the treatment of cancer patients, premature babies, bleeding disorders and autoimmune illnesses. The need continues to grow.  The platelet apheresis procedure process can take up to two hours, but isn’t saving someone’s life worth it?

Perks for Pints

To thank you for giving platelets we are introducing Perks for Pints. A drawing will be held each month for platelet donors only, and one lucky donor will win a valuable prize. Prizes vary each month.

Bring a Friend Platelet Program:

Current platelet donors, please encourage your friends to become a platelet donor. Ask them to get prequalified by calling (855) 977-5283 (between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.) Monday - Friday and speak to a member of our Platelet Recruitment Team for additional information. The friend must donate within four weeks of the current donor to qualify. To receive credit, please be sure to turn in your “Bring a friend” form.

If the new donor gets prequalified and donates, both the new donor and the existing donor receive a movie ticket which will be mailed within four weeks of the friend’s first donation.

More about Platelets

  1. Platelets aid the clotting factor and are vital to treat the most seriously ill patients.
  2. While lifesaving, chemotherapy destroys platelets in a cancer patient. A low platelet count can, in turn, result in bleeding and/or the need to delay chemotherapy.
  3. A low platelet count is one of the most common hematological problems seen in pre-term births, and affects up to 5% of all newborns. In particular, it is frequently encountered in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units, where prevalence can be as high as 35%. Platelets are critical for the survival of these new, precious lives.
  4. The patient with a major burn has suffered one of the most severe forms of trauma that can result in the destruction of platelets.
  5. Platelets must be stored at room temperature. Therefore, the shelf life is only five days due to the possibility of bacterial contamination.
  6. During the donation process an apheresis machine collects your platelets and separates them from the rest of your blood products. Those products not used are then returned to you with some additional fluids.
  7. The process can take from about 1 ½ to 2 hours. Please make an appointment so that we can make the process as efficient as possible for you.
  8. Platelets are replenished in our bodies constantly, and fully replaced just a few days after your donation. This makes it possible for you to give the gift of donation more frequently. You have the opportunity to help others with another platelet donation as soon as one week after your previous platelet donation, or two weeks after your previous whole blood donation.
  9. Remember to refrain from taking aspirin products 48 hours before your appointment. Also hydrate well and eat a healthy meal a few hours before your donation.
  10. Preferred blood types for platelet donation are AB+, AB-, B+, A+

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