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Licensed Medical Technologist II 2nd Shift

Licensed Medical Technologist II 2nd Shift
Position Description:

Performs pretransfusion and diagnostic testing, processes donor blood and prepares blood products for transfusion.

Hours or Shift:
Full-Time. 2nd Shift
Education required for FL Laboratory Technologist
Florida Laboratory Technologist

2 years clinical laboratory, plus 2 years blood banking

Essential Functions:
  • Performs pretransfusion and diagnostic testing. Prepares, examines, issues and returns blood products.
  • Performs testing on the Echo.
  • Performs quality control testing on blood products.
  • Ships and receives blood products to and from consignment hospitals and outside sources.
  • Manages product inventory. Assures proper storage.
  • Communicates with and provides assistance to hospital nursing and medical staff regarding status of products and service orders.
  • Directs MT-I's and laboratory assistants. Assists with the training of new employees.
  • Maintains and organizes supply inventory. Ensures appropriate inventory levels. Reports inventory levels to manager or director.
  • Performs QC and maintenance, validation and calibration of laboratory equipment. Reports malfunction or deviation to director.
  • Maintains a clean, safe and organized work environment.

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